Smallholder Training Courses

Smallholder Training – Starting Out

Begin your own smallholder journey with us at Llangwm House.

Why come on our course?

Have you looked through a smallholding book and thought that’s something you’d like to try? Or do you fancy a day out doing something very different?

Our smallholder course is ideal way to get an overview of the key skills you’ll need when starting your own journey in smallholding. You’ll learn about the main companions of any smallholder; sheep, pigs, chickens and paperwork. Matt and Liza will be with you for the day, where they have worked Llangwm House in Pembrokeshire, West Wales since 2013 and with land & animals many years before that…

What’s in your day? (09:30 to 17:00)

Arrive at Llangwm House – You’ll meet Matt and Liza, enjoy tea, coffee and some tasty local treats.

Block One – We’ll start off indoors with the paperwork side of a smallholding, there are some legal requirements and key needs you’ll have to get to grips with. Followed by an overview of what suits what type of land and space, when we go outside we’ll highlight these as we are out on the land.

Block Two – Basic Tools, what’s the basic toolkit if you want to get hands on with some of the main smallholding activities.

Block Three – Poultry, where many people start their smallholding. We’ll go over the main needs for looking after chickens. We’ll also give you an overview on what’s needed to raise your own with incubators, brooders, feeding and watering.

Lunch – You’ll tuck into an delicious lunch prepared from local ingredients.

Block Four – Pigs, the second or third choice for a smallholder. We’ll cover feeding, health issues, housing and breeding. For handling we’ll have a go at moving pigs about.

Block Five – Sheep, (along with pigs) are the second or third choice for a smallholder but still a major step above chickens in terms of knowledge and skills required. We’ll cover housing, feeding, breeding and health issues.

Questions and Answers – Tea and coffee, with some more tasty treats

There’s plenty of notes we hand out and we give you plenty of time to ask any questions, then there’s our  Llangwm House Facebook Group where we’ll continue to help with any questions as will our group of past visitors who have already come and spent some time with us 🙂

How Much Does it Cost?

It’s £95 including lunch, tea, coffee and cake breaks.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring outdoor clothes, clean wellingtons, waterproofs and just to be safe a change of clothes.

You wont need to take lots of notes, and we certainly wont be doing any PowerPoint but do feel free to bring something to jot notes down with if you want to.

How do you book?

Booking is really easy, just get in contact on Facebook at LlangwmHouse or through our contacts by by clicking here: contact us. We just need your name, email, and the date you want to attend and we’ll discuss everything from there.

Dates Available

14th April 2018

12th May 2018

16th June 2018

8th September 2018

Who are Liza and Matt from Llangwm House, Pembs

Liza has been a trainer in the public sector for 20 years and has developed and presented many training events, often commented on for her friendly approach and open style. The Facebook pages and messages are often written by Liza, so it’s her you’ll more likely to be speaking to first 🙂

Matt has come from an engineering background and is often found with oil under his fingernails and is more of a planner and organiser. He’s often described as passionately enthusiastic about anything mechanical, electrical, websites, electronics, pinball machines and tractors (or anything that involves creating something). He’s easily approachable and will talk about anything technical in a way that doesn’t need a PhD in nerd speak 🙂

The Boys. Our boys are both teenagers and always pitch in and help around the farm no matter what the activity. They help out all the time and can be counted on for pizza oven building or anything with an engine that needs driving!!