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Welcome to our amazing small holding in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside.

We specialise in breeding top quality mini pigs, pygmy goats, rare breed chickens, French lop rabbits, mini lop rabbits, lion head rabbits and guinea pigs.  All our breeding animals have their own separate page.

We also offer smallholder training courses so pass on our knowledge and experience of building up and running a smallholding.

We been at Llangwm House since 2013 and have been steadily improving the land and animal housing over that time. We are a family farm and if you’ve been on one of our training courses you know we all chip in to help run everything, our youngest son gets involved in all the poultry and rabbits with our eldest son is old enough to run some of the machinery (under supervision!!) and looks after the goats and pigs.

All the animals we have are our passion and you can see that in their housing and quality of life they have, we have started to run training days for introduction to smallholding so we can share some of our experiences and share with others the time and challenges there are from moving from maybe a large house with garden to a full on smallholding with paperwork and all year round jobs to do. The training courses at the moment are aimed for people who learn best from getting out there and getting stuck in, it’s not sitting down looking at endless PowerPoint slides 🙂 You need to bring wellingtons, change of shoes, wet weather gear. We provide a home-cooked lunch (don’t forget to tell us about any allergies beforehand though please), plenty of tea and coffee with even a cheeky afternoon cake prior to the questions and answers session.

The training days are available most weekends (more info here), we limit numbers so if there is a specific date you are looking at please get in contact first so we can be sure you’ve got a place. The best way to message us is through Facebook of course; www.facebook.com/llangwmhouse

Our miniature pigs are bred throughout the year and we run a reserve list so people can be sure of a place in the queue, we often have piglets just born, at 8 to 12 weeks or just about to be born. Part of buying a mini pig from us is a training session that covers the essentials and legal aspects of owning a mini pig and what to expect from having one of the most rewarding pets. our page on mini pigs covers some of this info and gives you more of the facts; www.llangwmhouse.co.uk/pigs/

We are more than happy for you to come and visit us to see all our piggies here, we have three generations of pigs so you can see how they compare in size to a regular farm hog, the photos don’t really give you a full sense of how small they are. If you want to come and visit if you’re interested in any of our animals or training just visit us on facebook.com/llangwmhouse


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