Our stunning mini pig babies are so sweet, happy and very honky.

We have 8 piglets left available and they are totally gorgeous, parents can be seen as well as 3 generations of the rest of our piggy family. They grow to the size of a spaniel but more dense like a bulldog build, the best thing is to come and visit us and see for yourself ūüôā

Teacup/micro/nano pigs are purely marketing terms that we do not use.

Price is ¬£185 for one, however because they prefer to live in groups it’s just ¬£300 for two.

Each piglet is vet checked, vaccinated, castrated and handled lots. They make great pets and are very intelligent.

You’ll also get a half day training on how to look after these piglets properly, they are seen as farm animals so will need to have the appropriate paperwork and rules followed . The details are on our website with links to the government guidance

and www.Facebook.com/llangwmhouse

For more information please pm us, for more information on price, housing, food, welfare etc

Matt and Liza

Our latest litter of miniature pigs are just amazing.  So sweet natured just like their mum.

Ready to reserve.

Our latest litter of piglets are now available to reserve.  Mum is the gorgeous Scarlet, she is a wonderful, friendly girl.  Dad is Duke, a cheeky monkey who likes to get into mischief.

We have 8 babies to choose from, 4 black and 4 spotted, males and females.

They come with training on how to look after these beauties properly and a lifetime of support.

Our beautiful girl Dusty has been moved into the farrowing area ready to have her baby piglets.

Dusty is a gorgeous, friendly girl with the cutest face ever.  Fingers crossed for a safe and easy delivery for her.

Unfortunately one of our rabbits rejected her babies at nearly 3 weeks of age. 5 had to be put down by the vet but thankfully 2 are now being hand reared by my son and myself.

It must be remembered that although the mother rabbit only feeds her babies briefly once a day, the milk being fed during hand-rearing is only a substitute and is not as rich as the ‚Äúreal thing‚ÄĚ and therefore you need to feed the orphans 3 or 4 times a day, spacing the feeding times as evenly as possible. It is not necessary to feed during the night unless they are not feeding well, in which case you need to feed them every few hours until they are taking a few mls at a time.

A 1 day old baby rabbit would consume on average 2 mls of milk daily.
By 5 days the volume increases to about 12 ml. At 10 days it increases again to about 15 mls.
By 15 days increasing to about 22 mls.
By 20 days increasing to about 27 mls.
By 25 days to about 30 mls.
By 30 days of age you will expect to see a decline to about 20 mls.
By 35 days a rapid decline to less than 5 mls or weaned altogether.

The milk should be warm but not hot (test it by putting a few drops on the back of your hand). Hold the infant with one hand whilst gently inserting the teat or syringe into the mouth with the other. They often wriggle around and jump whilst feeding so take care not to drop them! If the babies are under 6 days old you usually will need to stimulate urination. This is a straightforward task. After each baby has been fed, wet a finger or cotton bud in warm water and gently tap or stroke the genital area. Have a tissue ready! Some babies, however, manage to urinate on their own from the start, so if after several attempts at each feed you get no results, it is likely because they are managing independently. Also, be aware that sometimes the droppings can accumulate around tail area and can cause a blockage, with very serious consequences if not attended to straight away. Gently wipe away the accumulation with some moistened cotton wool to allow the baby to pass droppings normally again. You may find that a lot of droppings are passed immediately after the problem has been cleared! Make sure that you keep the mouth and chin area clean and dry after each feed. This is very important otherwise the fur will start to fall out around the mouth due to a fungal infection setting in.

We’ve got some amazing lionhead lop rabbits available to reserve, just ¬£10 to reserve and ¬£30 total price.

drop us a message on here or Facebook.com/llangwmhouse

The next breeding pair have been put together today from our gorgeous mini pigs. My beautiful Scarlet has been paired with Duke.

I have put these two together as they have the sweetest natures and the most gorgeous faces. Scarlett is black and Duke is brown with ginger tips. Looking forward to see the babies we get from these.

Hopefully due May 12th.

Pigs smarter than dogs

The Thinking Pig

Something we’ve worked out if you own a micro pig, or even a 200kg Tamworth, scientists have found that pigs are smarter than dogs, and can solve problems just as well chimpanzees. I suppose the chimpanzee bit is pushing it as I don’t have the comparison but we do have plenty of smart pigs ūüôā

The study’s authors are hoping the results will make people think differently about animals that are traditionally seen as meat.

If you really want to get under into the detail of the article, here’s the scientific paper that the article refers to: