Friday was a sad day here at Llangwm House as the last of the baby pigs have left for their new homes.

We have been so lucky in finding the most incredible homes for our piglets, from house pets to smallholder pets these guys are so happy.

Some photos we have received of them settling into their new homes.



We are very pleased to announce that the beautiful Dusty had her litter of piglets and her 5 girls and a boy are available to be reserved.

Our piglets are vet checked, castrated, handled, loved and are very cheeky.  You receive free training on owning a miniature pig.

You will need to obtain your CPH number before you can take home your piglet, which will be when they are 8 weeks old.

If you are interested in reserving any of them please contact us via email.


The flowers are coming out here at Llangwm House. So beautiful walking around the garden that 2 years ago was so overgrown all you could see was 7ft high brambles. No idea we even had a pond or footpaths.

Nothing is better than letting the plants have their freedom to bloom again.

Its been a busy day here at Llangwm House. As its the half term holiday this week I do have a little helper so cleaning out the rabbits and guinea pigs has taken only 5 hours instead of the usual 6.  It would of been even quicker if we didn’t have such fuzzy babies that needed cuddling.

The baby rabbits are doing really well, eating and drinking great.  Eating mostly dry food now but still getting a bottle of milk at dinner time.



The surviving rabbit kits are growing great.  They are not worried at all about drinking their milk from the bottle and are now eating solid food too.

The sooty fawn is a little girl we have called Amy and the grey is a boy I have called Jellybean but my son is determined he should be called Balthazar.  Funny child !!